Watch publisher Pat Henry's recollection of working with Alexander Doll Company on Paris Williams, for In The Doll World's Celebration of Black Dolls then check back for the premiere of our photo class just for doll collectors!

Be sure to check out all the wonderful interviews at ITDW, hosted by Georgette Taylor and Tammy Fisher. On ITDW, "we share fun, enlightening interviews with some of today's most interesting doll professionals. We will introduce you to the legends of the doll community, including Mel Odom, Pat Henry, Robert Tonner, and Stacey McBride-Irby. You will also meet smaller artists who are reshaping the doll world like Jozef Szekeres and Mike Buess, two doll artists who have created dolls of color that have not been included in the world of fashion dolls. We also share artists who are redefining 'dolls as art' like customizer, HeXtian, and photographer, Ernesto PadrĂ³-Campos. In addition, you will meet a variety of doll advocates like Debbie Garrett and Ama Gueye."

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