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Winter 2003

Premiere issue, "Movement" featuring the first articulated FR doll.

Spring 2004

The Beauty issue featured Alexander's Alex and the work of Sandra Bilotto.

Summer 2004

The Fashion issue featured CED dolls and "Trading Tiny Spaces".

Autumn 2004

The Hollywood issue features Gene and an assortment of other dolls based on actresses and icons.

Winter 2004

The "MEN" issue. Cover doll by Volks of Japan. Action figures and Mandolls. SOLD OUT

Event Special

First stand alone issue for the IFDC convention.

Spring 2005

The Home issue includes Oo Bleu, Retroworks and lots of props and fun items for your collection

Summer 2005

The Brides issue, featuring our exclusive "Sans Poesie" Vanessa giftset. SOLD OUT

Fall 2005

The International issue, with R&D's Susie on the cover, features Volks, Pullips and momoko.

Winter 2005

The POP issue introduced Mssr. Z dolls by Jason Wu.

Breakout 2005

Special issue for the Grant A Wish event in Michigan.

Breakout 2005

First stand alone for the 2005 Gene Convention.

Event Special

Second stand alone issue for the IFDC convention, "Diva Las Vegas."

Spring 2006

The Couture issue features the new Cissy collections, and the lost Gratitude Mannequins of France.

Summer 2006

The Retro issue brought the return of Gene Marshall, CED< Barbie and independent European designers. SOLD OUT in print, but available as digital issue.

Fall 2006

The Travel issue features our Volks exclusive, th first SD16 girl, Olivia Morgan, Kinetic Dolls and European designers, part 2.

Winter 2006

Rock is filled with fun interpretations of the rock look, as well as the return of Somers & Field.

Breakout 2006


Special breakout issue featuring all things Volks, in honor of our first Dolpa in the US. SOLD OUT in print, but available as digital issue

Breakout 2006

GAW 2006

Susie stars as cover girl for our second Grant A Wish special breakout issue just for the event.

Breakout 2006


Special breakout issue all about Barbie features the now famous pullout poster of Barbie through the years. SOLD OUT in print, available as digital issue.

Spring 2007

 ICONS: A look at how we use dolls in our other interests in film, novels and pop culture. Cover girls are the "Desperate Housewives" from MADC. SOLD OUT

Summer 2007

In the Sci-Fi issue, we explore the realm of the unknown and our fascination with all things out of this world, including cover girl, Luna, by Tonner Doll Co.SOLD OUT.

Fall 2007

A girl needs her Accessories, even if she is made of out of plastic. We take a look at shoes, purses and hats, as well as Barbie's new Pivotal body. SOLD OUT

Winter 2007

Cover art of Valia by Jason Wu. In this issue we introduce our latest exclusive, Valia IT's resin jointed fashion doll. SOLD OUT

Spring 2008

Covergirl Evangeline Ghastly leads us into all things gothic. Includes Ellowyne pattern. SOLD OUT

Summer 2008

Glamour is the theme for this issue, featuring cover girl Barbie, Dressmaker's Couture and Sybarites

Fall 2008

Hair there and everywhere! That's the theme for this issue, featuring cover girls from Volks, Inc.

Winter 2008

Our Fifth Anniversary issue. Our biggest yet, we offered an exclusive from Numina, "Gray".

Breakout 2008

Our very first all-digital issue sold on our USB bracelet. Includes exclusive Tyler pattern. DIGITAL ONLY.

Breakout 2008

All digital issue celebrating our third Dolpa in NYC! Features our exclusive SD Irwin.

Breakout 2008

Special breakout issue in digital format only for the 2008 BarbieCon.

Spring 2009

Yin Yang. AvantGards, introduction of Vita, meet Zita Charles. SOLD OUT

Summer 2009

Cool Brittania, a celebration of royalty of all kinds, and everything British.

Fall 2009

The Vintage issue covers lots of your favorite classics, along with the ultimate diva, Barbie. SOLD OUT

Winter 2009

The Fame issue has MadMen in minature, Twilight reborn and making famous faces.

Breakout 2009

IDEX: Digital issue created for the Tonner event taking place at IDEX. Digital only.

Breakout 2009

Barbie's 50th birthday!

Created for the Barbie Convention, this is sold out in print, but available as a digital download

Book: 2009


Learn all about doll photography from the editors of FDQ.

Spring 2010

Ellowyne brings spring with lots of fun and colors. Gene retires and we add pops of color to doll decor.

Summer 2010

The Wild features our JamieShow exclusive, "Denueve", along with wild fashion style and Cami & Jon.

Fall 2010

What will the future of doll collecting be? Our hybrid doll on the cover is our idea of what might be in store. Includes space age decor and out of this world fashion.

Winter 2010

The Rarities issue explores some of the favorite and elusive items in the hobby, along with event coverage and the debut of our Numina exclusive, Devon.

Breakout 2010


Special Barbie convention issue all about your favorite fashion diva!










Spring 2012

The Crafts issue has lots of fun ideas and eye candy. Poppy Parker lounges in a store window in Australia, surrounded by gems. SOLD OUT

Summer 2012

Fairy tales can come true! Wicked Style, OOAK Barbie dolls, and JamieShow's latest sexy witches and wonders.

Fall 2012

Celebrating the red, white and blue, we cover Herstory in History, and the story behind Horsman 's lovely Vita and friends.

Winter 2012

Friends & Rivals: Ellowyne and Amber grace our cover just in time for the EW event. Also includes Puddle 2012 and Volks Dolpa.

Holiday Bonus issue

As a bonus for our subscribers, we began to offer an all digital Holiday issue, to keep readers up to date on end of the year news and excitement. DIGITAL ONLY.

Spring 2013

The Technology issue takes a look at new concepts in doll making, as well as the new offering from Tonner Toys, City Girls, and  Caprice, Tressy and Monster High. SOLD OUT

Summer 2013

The "Music" issue includes many dolls from the world of rock, country and film. Also includes Batchix and DeMuse. SOLD OUT in print.

Fall 2013

Great ladies of literature, as well as Gene, Mary Magpie and Petra. Barbie sells her dream house and more. SOLD OUT

Winter 2013

Our TENTH anniversary! We feature an exclusive look at Robert Tonner's Deja vu, Mimi, Vita, Somers & Field and a look back at the decade. SOLD OUT IN PRINT.

Holiday Bonus Issue

A special holiday surprise for our readers, we added an all digital issue for the holiday season and gave everyone a sneak peek of the latest resin fashion doll from Kingdom Doll.

Spring 2014

Mystery! See which of your favorite characters from classic mysteries are reinterpreted as dolls. This issue is also the debut of Kingdom Doll's latest, "Brighton".

Summer 2014

In this issue, we take a look at Architecture, albeit in a small scale. Winners of our diorama contest, PidginDoll paper doll and the return of Madra. SOLD OUT in print, available in digital.

Fall 2014

In this issue, we cover our favorite holidays and how we use our dolls to celebrate. Also includes a special feature on Tonner's Carmen doll, and stylish stewardesses

Winter 2014

It's all about FAMILY, and what better family to feature than Volks, Inc. and the Shigetas? Also included momoko and ruruko, The Littlechaps and Barbie's family.

Holiday Bonus Issue

DIGITAL ONLY. We added a little gift in your stocking with an extra digital issue for the holiday season. Cover girl is JamieShow Demi Grace.

Spring 2015

Innovation: The ever changing world of dolls grow and change. SOLD OUT in print, available in digital.

Summer 2015

"Elegance", the ultimate trait in today's modern fashion doll! SOLD OUT in print, available in digital.

Fall 2015

The Photography issue is packed with tips and tricks, along with the newest face of Kingdom Doll.

Winter 2015

"Magic"! Take a look at new offerings from Horsman, Tonner, Severine and more. SOLD OUT in print, available in digital.

Bonus Holiday Issue

Our all digital bonus issue features JamieShow's Gene Marshall on the cover and the latest in the world of fashion dolls.

Spring 2016

The Monochrome issue features the elegant and alluring Séverine, along with all your favorite dolls.

Summer 2016

Celebrate Francie's birthday! Meet many talented collectors of Blythe, fashion BJDs, Barbie and more!

Fall 2016

On the Beach

Volks SD16 girls, Tonner's 25th anniversary, Mary Astor doll.

Winter 2016

Comics issue- Meet the ladies of Camelot! Catwoman through the ages, Ken does Yellow Submarine and ComicCon coverage.

KD Compendium

Take a look at the amazing journey of Kingdom Doll through its beginning. A gorgeous print reference guide.

Holiday 2016

Our all-digital issue filled with bonus content that didn't fit in our four print issues! Download it now!

Spring 2017

The Business issue features an exclusive look at Volks special Nakahara exhibit, as well as tips on starting your own business and a look at our favorite small businesses!

Summer 2017

What's Cooking? Take a look at OneSixthSense, Dolpa, Toy Fair, OOAK Doll Festival, the S-Girls, JamieShow men and Lovetones.

Fall 2017

The Adventure issue! Meet the latest friend of Gene Marshall, see the new JamieShow collection, as well as  a look at Barbie's classic Family House.

Winter 2017

Decadence (14th Anniversary issue).

Holiday 2016

Shipping November. Kadira, Pidgindoll, KULT, Metrodolls.

Spring 2018

FDQ brings you inside the Dior exhibit in Paris, the YSL museum, interviews with Pepstars and Elenpriv, and a look back at Gene!

Summer 2018

FDQ brings you interviews with MoneyQueen, Michael Ben, coverage of JS event, KD new line, Outlander and Ipelhouse..

Autumn 2018

New lines including Ryan Roche, Kadira, DollBleu, Mazarine, Mizi. LFDF coverage, Norell exhibit.

Winter 2018

 At The Gala! Runway looks, holiday glam, interview with DominonDoll, KD coverage, Barbie, and more.

Holiday 2018

The Red Carpet Collection debuts from JamieShow. Xmas Wish List, Miss Lalka, Pink exhibit at FIT.

Spring 2019

FDQ brings you a look at the new FAO, news about Tonner, top shopping, a chat with Odom and McKinney and more.

Summer 2019

Sasha and Matlida PInk, Skipper, Tutti and The Drearys- all about childhood, and news and events!

Autumn 2019

JC Dream Designs, Pullip Puddle, London Fashion Doll Festival,

Barbie birthday fun, Thanos Samara.

Winter 2019

Dolpa LA, Paris Couture at FIT, Petite Princess Furniture, Costuming The Rockers, BFMC 20th Year.

Holiday 2019

Metrodolls, Jian Yang, Twinkle Twinkie, Holiday decor, Wish List.

Spring 2020

Meet the amazing Benj Joseph, the talented Rogier Corbeau, the return of Elizabet Bizelle and French Style.

Summer 2020

It's a pajama party! Meet the creator of Mizi, artist Matt Sky, a virtual tour of the Ballerina exhibit at FIT and a brief history of the pajama.


Autumn 2020

Doll Decor- vote on our chair contest, a look at menswear, Billy, Neons, Country Livin' House, Dior and new doll Kate.

Winter 2020

Meet Fabiola, discover Secret Sue and Sylvie Vartan. Look back on ADC's Alex and Barbie Noir.


Holiday 2020

Read all about Cher, Barbie Talk, KD Alchemy event, making paper dresses, holiday pillows and podcasting!


Spring 2011

Japan: Go in-depth with Volks and come along with us as ten of the FDQ team head to the land of the cherry blossoms. FDQ Exclusive Ami Ayase is our cover girl.

Summer 2011

The Fantasy issue features the elegant Antoinette on the cover, along with Andrew Yang's Kouklitas and Virginie Ropars' art.

Fall 2011

Romance is in the air! This issue feautres our exclusive Dollheart costume for SD17 male BJDs, GAW coverage and Volks Full Choice System.

Winter 2011

Style; A decade of Fashion Royalty, Wilde Style, Greg Nystrom's paper dolls, BarbieCon coverage and Couture Doll Challenge winners.

Breakout 2011

It's Ken's 50th birthday! We celebrate with a special breakout issue for convention, featuring exclusive photos from Mattel never seen before!

Book: Tonner- Two Decades of Design

FDQ editor Pat Henry writes the book on Robert Tonner's remarkable two decades in doll design.