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HOLIDAY 2019 (November)

"Sparkle Plenty"

Closing: November 10th

On sale: November 15th



“Viva La France!”

CLOSING: January 10th, 2019

On sale, January 15th.



“Pajama Party”

CLOSING: April 1st, 2019

On sale, April 15th



“Doll Decor”

CLOSING: July 10th, 2020

On sale, July 15th



"Flora and Fauna"

CLOSING: October 1, 2020

On sale, October 15th, 2020


Why FDQ?


FDQ heads into its 17th year in 2020, we continue to expand our reach with digital downloads and supplemental special issues for our readers.


After consistently selling out most issues of Fashion Doll Quarterly, we continue to further extend our reach to the adult fashion doll collector.


With every publication, we have expanded our coverage of the world of fashion dolls from the classics, like Cissy and Barbie, to the latest Asian ball-jointed dolls and contemporary resin fashion dolls, like Kingdom Doll and JamieShow. FDQ covers the latest events and hot new talent on the Internet, and explores the historical and fashion impact of the dolls that we collect.


From the Premiere issue in 2003, FDQ has set the tone for high quality printing, professional photography and clean, elegant design, the likes of which you only see in today’s fashion magazines. Our readers look to FDQ for our connection to the inside of the fashion doll industry, as well as our own passion as doll collectors, to find the latest news and innovations in the field, like our groundbreaking  virtual issues, originally housed on bracelets containing USB memory sticks, holding over 1 gig of space, as well as our books, like IN FOCUS: Digital Photography for The Doll Collector, and TONNER: Two Decades of Fashion & Design.









Founded in 2003, Fashion Doll

Quarterly has consistently brought the fashion doll hobby to life in glossy, high quality pages. There are features on major companies, from Mattel to Volks, Inc., as well as artist interviews, event coverage and fashion editorial spreads, which had not been seen before in any doll magazine.


The Hollywood Reporter called FDQ “the Vogue of collector magazines”. We continue to  maintain that level of excellence for our readers.


Fashion Doll Quarterly is published four times per year- January, April, July and October, along with a bonus issue for the Holiday season in November.




If you would like to contribute or to advertise, just contact us for more information- we always welcome our fellow doll fans to be a part of Fashion Doll Quarterly! Click on the cover of our media kit above.




NOTE: Subscriptions and magazines are non-returnable. Click on the button for free samples on the home page to see if you like FDQ. Try before you buy! Digital issues should be downloaded to your computer or tablet right away, so you can read them off-line and not lose them when the quarterly link expires.

Editor's Letter

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Pat Henry shares what goes on to bring you the Holiday issue of FDQ

Now that the warmer weather is behind us (well, at least for those of us in the North), it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve– and there we are at another year gone! But before that happens, there is much to celebrate and enjoy.


Barbie closes out her sixtieth birthday with a plethora of new items, from Star Wars characters to modern fashionistas and event dolls from Spain, Italy and the National Barbie Doll Convention.  Kingdom Doll has just released two new Monarchs with a third on the way as well as a new male doll with a new body that fans are falling madly in love with.


Other new additions to the doll world include the latest from Inamorata, Emperis, FiconDoll and Volks. At this year’s Dolpa in Los Angeles, Volks introduced SD collectors to the new Icon Collection, which we visit in this issue. Two of these lovelies grace our cover this season.


It’s not just new dolls that have caught our eye. I am obsessed with Horsman’s new chairs for 16-inch dolls. For as long as I can remember there were always lots of options for home décor in the 1/6-scale, whether it was Barbie’s cardboard (later plastic) furniture, or Integrity’s modern wood and glass pieces. But rarely could you find stylish pieces in ¼-scale. I am personally not a fan of Victorian style, which seemed to be the only option in style, and American Girl pieces or their cheap knock-offs from big box stores were over-scaled and childish. I am more than delighted that Horsman has come to the rescue with their elegant and versatile new Louis XVI chairs. Debuting in white and gray, they have now added black, and in our Holiday issue next month, I will be doing a tutorial on changing the paint and upholstery so you can customize these classic pieces any way you want to match your own personal doll décor. I look forward to getting their new table, as well, which will make a great desk, dining room table or display table. All the pieces work nicely with Horsman’s boutique window and display case, as well as their classic fireplace, tables and other chairs.


In the meantime, in this issue we have a great feature on making videos with your dolls, by Ian Price. If you are already missing the retired Barbie Fashion Models, take in the delicious eye candy photographed by Ernesto Padro-Campos.  KimLondon offers us gorgeous girls in fantastic costumes, and Michaela Unbehau gets us ready for the holiday parties and soirées by getting her dolls glammed up in shine.


Paul Bruce provides us with eye popping color and fun as he redresses Barbie and the Rockers, while I take a look at the new Mattel dolls that are shaking up the media- the Creatable World customization kits.



Making Maisel Marvelous

Read all about the Making Maisel Marvelous exhibit that took place this summer at the Paley Center for Media in New York City.