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Why FDQ?


FDQ heads into its 15th year in 2018, and we continue to expand our reach with digital downloads and supplemental special issues for our readers.

After consistently selling out most issues of Fashion Doll Quarterly, we continue to further extend our reach to the adult fashion doll collector.


With every publication, we have expanded our coverage of the world of fashion dolls from the classics, like Cissy and Barbie, to the latest Asian ball-jointed dolls and contemporary resin fashion dolls, like Kingdom Doll and JamieShow. FDQ covers the latest events and hot new talent on the Internet, and explores the historical and fashion impact of the dolls that we collect.


From the Premiere issue in 2003, FDQ has set the tone for high quality printing, professional photography and clean, elegant design, the likes of which you only see in today’s fashion magazines. Our readers look to FDQ for our connection to the inside of the fashion doll industry, as well as our own passion as doll collectors, to find the latest news and innovations in the field, like our groundbreaking  virtual issues, originally housed on bracelets containing USB memory sticks, holding over 1 gig of space, as well as our books, like IN FOCUS: Digital Photography for The Doll Collector, and TONNER: Two Decades of Fashion & Design.









Founded in 2003, Fashion Doll

Quarterly has consistently brought the fashion doll hobby to life in glossy, high quality pages. There are features on major companies, from Mattel to Volks, Inc., as well as artist interviews, event coverage and fashion editorial spreads, which had not been seen before in any doll magazine.


The Hollywood Reporter called FDQ “the Vogue of collector magazines”. We continue to  maintain that level of excellence for our readers.


Fashion Doll Quarterly is published four times per year- January, April, July and October, along with a bonus issue for the Holiday season in November.




If you would like to contribute or to advertise, just contact us for more information- we always welcome our fellow doll fans to be a part of Fashion Doll Quarterly!




NOTE: Subscriptions and magazines are non-returnable. Click on the button for free samples to see if you like FDQ. Try before you buy. Digital issues should be downloaded to your computer or tablet right away, so you can read them off-line and not lose them when the quarterly link expires.

Editor's Letter

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Pat Henry shares what goes on to bring you the Holiday issue of FDQ

Suddenly, it’s time to shop and plan and entertain! Holiday season seems to come quicker each year. One minute it’s warm and sunny, then it’s snowing outside your window. That means it’s time for our Annual Holiday Issue. It occurred to us about five years ago, that four issues were not enough, but how to fit it all in? That’s when we decided to add a fifth digital issue. Now, it’s a regular part of the year.


As a digital publication, we have the advantage of being closer to real time. No print runs and no long turn arounds. Many of our long-term readers tell us how they miss the printed magazine, and I am included in that number. However, with the disappearing retailers and condensing of doll companies, there simply is no way to afford to print the magazines. Digital issues are a wonderful way to save time, money and storage- and still provide you content. You can carry years of FDQ on your tablet and read it anywhere. Look up old articles, check the name of a doll or just revisit your favorite designers and collections.


With new technology comes a learning curve. And although we have been digital for a year now, some of our readers are still having problems. So, let’s recap. The digital issue is basically a PDF (portable document format). So, you can read it on most modern computers, as Adobe Acrobat and Preview are included on most hard drives. It’s important, though, to download the issue. If you are not online or don’t have an internet connection, you can’t launch the link over and over, so be sure to download it and save it somewhere you can find it. I have had a few readers who can’t seem to figure this out. That’s why we always offer a free back issue on our website. It’s not just for new readers to sample; it’s a good way to test your connection and see exactly where the issue goes on your computer. Every computer is different. Your operating system may be older, your connection slower. We stay up to date on the newest versions of all the programs we use from Adobe to make the issue quick and efficient to download. We embed live links so you can go right to the website of an advertiser or artist to access more of their work as well as their merchandise. Please practice with our back issues to get used to how this works. Our digital issues are on a separate shopping cart server, so they expire. After a year, you simply must buy the issue again if you didn’t keep it, so make sure you create a download folder for your magazines. They don’t take up much space, and you can access all of them if you know where they are.



Red Carpet Glamour

JamieShow will celebrate their tenth anniversary in 2019. Read our cover story with George Gonzalez on his journey from retailer to doll designer and what plans are in the works for next year- including an amazing event in Miami and Cuba!