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JULY 2019


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“Viva La France!”

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Why FDQ?


FDQ heads into its 16th year in 2019, and we continue to expand our reach with digital downloads and supplemental special issues for our readers.


After consistently selling out most issues of Fashion Doll Quarterly, we continue to further extend our reach to the adult fashion doll collector.


With every publication, we have expanded our coverage of the world of fashion dolls from the classics, like Cissy and Barbie, to the latest Asian ball-jointed dolls and contemporary resin fashion dolls, like Kingdom Doll and JamieShow. FDQ covers the latest events and hot new talent on the Internet, and explores the historical and fashion impact of the dolls that we collect.


From the Premiere issue in 2003, FDQ has set the tone for high quality printing, professional photography and clean, elegant design, the likes of which you only see in today’s fashion magazines. Our readers look to FDQ for our connection to the inside of the fashion doll industry, as well as our own passion as doll collectors, to find the latest news and innovations in the field, like our groundbreaking  virtual issues, originally housed on bracelets containing USB memory sticks, holding over 1 gig of space, as well as our books, like IN FOCUS: Digital Photography for The Doll Collector, and TONNER: Two Decades of Fashion & Design.









Founded in 2003, Fashion Doll

Quarterly has consistently brought the fashion doll hobby to life in glossy, high quality pages. There are features on major companies, from Mattel to Volks, Inc., as well as artist interviews, event coverage and fashion editorial spreads, which had not been seen before in any doll magazine.


The Hollywood Reporter called FDQ “the Vogue of collector magazines”. We continue to  maintain that level of excellence for our readers.


Fashion Doll Quarterly is published four times per year- January, April, July and October, along with a bonus issue for the Holiday season in November.




If you would like to contribute or to advertise, just contact us for more information- we always welcome our fellow doll fans to be a part of Fashion Doll Quarterly! Click on the cover of our media kit above.




NOTE: Subscriptions and magazines are non-returnable. Click on the button for free samples on the EVENTS PAGE to see if you like FDQ. Try before you buy! Digital issues should be downloaded to your computer or tablet right away, so you can read them off-line and not lose them when the quarterly link expires.

Editor's Letter

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Pat Henry shares what goes on to bring you the Holiday issue of FDQ

I have the best husband in the world. In anticipation of the final season of “Game of Thrones”, he surprised me with my very own Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. She is a really well made 1/6-scale jointed figure by UK company Big Chief Studios. She comes with multiple hands, as well as a baby dragon. And most impressive- she has rooted hair. Usually character figures are somewhat manly and sport molded hair. This dedicated sculpt is quite accurate, and she has a vinyl skin over her metal joints, making for seamless posing. She is quite a nice bridge between the action figures my husband collects (mostly the James Bond characters) and my character figures by Tonner, like The Doctor (you know “Who”), Jack Harkness, Gwen, and Mal and Inara from “Firefly”. Somehow, they all work together along with my fashion dolls, our books and our movie posters.


One of the things we enjoy as a couple is that we like collecting. We like sci-fi and graphic novels, as well as movie musicals, photography and the classic films of the ‘30s and ‘40s. Is it something from childhood that lures us into the past? I don’t know; I sounded like an old man when I was a toddler- perhaps I am an old soul. To outside observers, we might be perceived as eccentric. To others, we are playing with toys because we never grew up and don’t have children.  I don’t really care; my collecting inspired this magazine and my travels around the world, so I am content with my hobby. But the outside world has their opinions. In this issue, Terri Gold puts the question to fashion doll collectors- what do other people think of you and your collecting? The answers are as unique and fascinating as the people who responded. Contrary to popular belief, we were not all abused or deprived of toys as children. It may not have anything to do with childhood at all. Be sure to let your more skeptical friends know.


This is just one angle on the theme of childhood, our topic for summer. In this issue, we celebrate some of the child dolls that have become a part of our collections. So, we invite Tiny Betsy McCall, Skipper and the Drearys into the pages this season. Ernesto Padro-Campos, Paul Bruce and Cindi Mortensen all give us a look at the youngsters, while KimLondon gets meta with dolls who collect dolls. Ian Price features Sasha and the fashions of Matilda Pink, and Michaela Unbehau gives us a look at the top trends for our more adult fashion dolls.


Barbie continues to celebrate her 60th birthday and Volks brings back the Dolpa to L.A. while Phyn And Aero closes shop, but Kadira lives on with Andrew Yang, and Joshua McKinney takes Brooklyn-born Pidgin out west to Hollywood. JamieShow is having their first cruise event this fall and there are any number of exciting conventions to attend all over the world this year. But if you are homebound, there is always the internet for all your shopping needs. After what seemed like a lull several companies are releasing new product and that includes 12-inch fashion dolls via their social media accounts. After the 16-inch doll market dominating for almost two decades, it seems we are going through a bit of a downsizing. We take a look at who is going small and how they will fit in your existing collections, including The Monarchs, Dominion Doll, Emperis and Superdoll. It looks like we are heading into the European Era of Dolls. We look forward to seeing what this will look like.




School's Out!

The talented doll couturier, Diana Lemieux, working as Matilda Pink, dresses a perennial childhood favorite – Sasha Morgenthaler’s eponymous doll.

Ian Price takes some photos and finds out more.